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Telecoms Market Matrix: Central and Eastern Europe 3Q 2020

22 January 2021 | Research

Rémy Giraud

Data | Excel | European Telecoms Market Matrix

"This update of the Telecoms Market Matrix for Central and Eastern Europe contains data for 3Q 2020."

Telecoms Market Matrix is a comprehensive source of trusted quarterly data that sizes European fixed and mobile telecoms markets and provides market shares for the major players. The metrics tracked offer insight into a range of dynamics within and between fixed and mobile markets. All data provided is directly comparable – we apply a common set of definitions to ensure consistency between players and across markets.

The data is delivered in a user-friendly Excel format, with filters that enable you to select and compare data series. The data can easily be extracted for your own use. Useful metrics derived from the data are also provided. The data is also available in our online database tool, the Analysys Mason DataHub.


Geographical coverage

This data set provides comprehensive metrics for the following 16 Central and Eastern European countries.

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine


Western Europe TMM

Western Europe coverage

Data for Western Europe is provided in a separate file – click here.


Market data by country

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available for operators as well as total market, and operator market shares are provided where appropriate.


Total telecoms market (mobile plus fixed)

Subscriber data


  • voice subscribers
  • broadband subscribers.

Revenue data


  • service revenue and retail revenue
  • service and retail revenue as a percentage of GDP
  • service and retail revenue per head of population per month

Traffic data


  • outgoing minutes.


Mobile services

Subscriber data


  • mobile subscribers (total*, contract* and prepaid*, and split by generation)
  • mobile penetration (split by contract and prepaid
  • mobile handset subscribers and penetration (split by smartphone and basic phone)
  • mobile broadband connections and penetration
  • mobile M2M connections and penetration
  • churn rate*
  • MVNO subscriptions.

Revenue data


  • mobile service revenue (total*, voice*, data* and messaging, and split by contract and prepaid)
  • mobile retail revenue (total*, voice*, data* and messaging)
  • service and retail revenue as a percentage of GDP
  • service and retail revenue per head of population per month
  • ARPU (total*, voice* and data*, and split by prepaid* and contract*.

Traffic data


  • outgoing voice minutes*
  • total network minutes* (incoming and outgoing)
  • average minutes of use*
  • revenue per minute*
  • SMS messages sent*
  • SMS messages per subscriber*
  • revenue per SMS message*
  • total cellular data traffic
  • cellular data traffic per connection.


Total fixed market

Revenue data


  • total fixed service revenue
  • total fixed retail revenue
  • fixed service and retail revenue as a percentage of GDP
  • fixed service and retail revenue per head of population per month
  • business network services retail revenue.


Fixed broadband services

Subscriber data


  • retail subscribers, total* and split by access technology (DSL*, cable modem*, FTTP/B*, FWA/other)
  • penetration split by access technology.

Line data


  • lines in service*, total and DSL
  • retail VoBB subscribers1
  • IPTV subscribers1
  • unbundled local loops (split by full and shared)
  • dial-up Internet connections.

Revenue data


  • retail revenue by access technology*: access only and/or bundled services revenue
  • IPTV revenue.


Fixed voice services1

Line data


  • channels by technology*: total, narrowband and VoBB
  • wholesale line rental subscriptions
  • cable-switched voice subscriptions
  • cable VoBB subscriptions.

Revenue data


  • retail voice revenue*: total, narrowband and VoBB, and split by access*/calls*.

Traffic data


  • outgoing minutes: total, narrowband* and VoBB.


As-reported mobile operator data

Data as reported by mobile operators (where available):


  • total subscribers
  • total revenue
  • ARPU.



1 Market shares given for incumbent/others.

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