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Application-to-person messaging: worldwide trends and forecasts 2020–2025

05 March 2021 | Research

Ameer Gaili

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (17 slides); Excel | Future Comms

"Businesses spent USD23 billion on A2P messaging in 2020; this will grow to USD36 billion by 2025."


The number of application-to-person (A2P) messages is increasing worldwide because businesses are introducing mobile and digital channels in order to interact with their customers and recruit new ones. Person-to-person (P2P) SMS messaging traffic has progressively been overtaken by that from OTT services, but SMS is currently still the most-used channel for A2P communication, and it will remain so by 2025.

This report provides:

  • an outlook on the application-to-person (A2P) messaging services market worldwide, including:
    • traffic estimates and forecasts up to 2025
    • business spend estimates and forecasts up to 2025
    • traffic and spend by use case
    • traffic and spend by industry vertical
  • a breakdown of the A2P messaging services market by region.

Geographical coverage


Key metrics

  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • Developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP)
  • Emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP)
  • Latin America (LATAM)
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • North America (NA)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
  • Western Europe (WE)
  • Worldwide


  • Application-to-person SMS outgoing traffic
  • Application-to-person non-operator/OTT services outgoing traffic
  • Application-to-person operator IP-based services outgoing traffic
  • Business spend on messaging traffic
  • Business spend on fixed fees
  • Application-to-person business spend and outgoing traffic by use case
  • Application-to-person business spend and outgoing traffic by industry vertical

Use cases


Industry verticals

  • Reminders and notifications
  • Promotional
  • Message-based surveys
  • Security and authentication
  • Customer service and support
  • Other


  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Government and non-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Internet, media and entertainment
  • Travel, transportation and hospitality
  • Telecoms and utilities
  • Other industries


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