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Marketing dedicated internet access and business broadband services

19 February 2021 | Research

Igor Babić

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (13 slides) | SME Strategies| Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity

“Operators should offer products that can meet the changing needs of both current business broadband subscribers and price-sensitive users of dedicated connections.”


High-end business broadband is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses as an alternative to dedicated internet access services. This poses both a threat and an opportunity for operators, and they should re-evaluate the structure of their business fixed data services portfolios in order to maximise revenue.

In this report, we assess the dedicated internet access products of selected operators worldwide, and compare them to their business broadband services. We discuss how operators are attempting to tier their business fixed data offerings based on business continuity features, download and upload bandwidths, prices and a range of value-added services.


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