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How Rakuten is writing the automation rulebook for 5G

08 February 2021 | Research

Anil Rao

Video and podcast | Operator Investment Strategies| Network Automation and Orchestration| Cloud Infrastructure Strategies| Next-Generation Wireless Networks


In this podcast, Anil Rao, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason, discusses network automation with Rahul Atri, Managing Director of Rakuten Mobile Singapore.

Podcast content

  • Introduction to how the telecoms industry is responding to the challenges and opportunities of automation and Rahul explains why Rakuten made automation a fundamental part of its approach

  • vRAN automation use case – how deployment time per site was reduced from 6 days 8.5 minutes

  • The foundational principles of extreme automation at Rakuten; with examples of edge data centre deployment automation

  • The current state of automation at Rakuten; successes and challenges

  • Rakuten Communications Platform, the layered architecture, infrastructure, orchestration engine, observability framework

  • Rakuten Communications Platform and industry standards, collaborating with vendor partners to build open solutions and the pitfalls of too many standards. Balancing standards with optimisation, customisation, and innovation

  • Making DevOps, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) work with partners

  • Riding the Open-source wave

  • OpenRAN and remote interface control (RIC)

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence; use case examples including self-healing automation

  • What to expect in 2021

  • Recommendations to communications service providers and vendor partners

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